TDS Return Filing

Tax deduction at source or TDS is mandatory under various conditions as laid down by Income Tax Rules. In case an individual or company is making payment to a third party then TDS needs to be deducted if the payment goes above the threshold limit. In the case of companies, the salary paid to employees also calls for TDS as per the Income Tax Rules. Additionally, tax deduction needs to be done for payment to contractor, property purchase, professional services and various other elements as specified by Income Tax. The TDS so deducted needs to be deposited with Income Tax and return needs to be filed for the same every quarter. VSAPL provides services for TDS return filing to ensure that the tax so deducted by you is reflected in the deductee’s Form 26AS.

Filing of returns for TDS has been made mandatory by Income Tax Authorities and delay in the same attracts a heavy penalty. The returns need to filed within 15 days after the quarter ending for every quarter and complete information on tax deduction needs to be provided to the concerned authorities. With an experience of more than 10 years into TDS return filing, we are well equipped to manage the complete TDS return filing process. VSAPL has been filing TDS returns for banks, companies, and individuals for several years. Our expertise will enable you to keep the process hassle free and the returns would be filed on time to avoid any penalty or discrepancy.

We provide complete support to you in the process and ensure that TDS Return filing is completed well within time and as per the specified norms. Team at VSAPL has vast experience in the segment and can not only help you out in the return filing but advise you as well in case of any errors done at the deduction stage and how to smoothen up the complete process. Please feel free to reach out to us for consultation or query regarding the TDS returns by leaving your details at call me back or enquiry form.

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