Return Filing

Filing returns on time and in the correct format is mandatory for firms and individuals as per the guidelines of various government organizations. VSAPL has been filing different types of returns for corporate entities, firms, and individuals for more than a decade.. We have filed TDS returns, annual returns and various other returns for the customers on a regular basis. Our expertise would help you to file returns on time regularly without any hassle. We offer services for return filing in the following areas –

  1. TDS Return Filing
  2. Service Tax Return Filing
  3. Annual Return Filing
  4. Tax Matters

We can handle tax matters as well for you, which includes guidance on tax notices, tax refunds, revision of returns, and various other tax related matters. Our experts would not just guide you on the tax issue confronted by you, but they would also help you at various stages till the moment the matter is resolved. You can leave your query with us and we would have our expert reach out to you or you can call us on any of our contact numbers.

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