Working Capital Loan

Working capital is part of the basic essentials which a company needs to survive and remain in existence. Theoretically it is the difference between the current or liquid assets which the company can liquidate at any point of time to generate cash, and the current liabilities which are the short term obligations to be taken care by the company within a one year duration. This difference needs to remain positive at all points of time for the company to remain operationally viable. However the business cycle and the external factors have a significant influence on this and as such the difference does not remain positive at all times. In such cases where the liabilities become more than assets (both short term) and the company is short of funds to carry out its routine operations, working capital loans act as life saver for the firm.

VSAPL helps you analyze the situation and comprehend the current position of your organization’s funds. We understand that there are cycles in a business and your working capital requirements cannot be same as other businesses. Our experts help you out in securing a working capital loan which will be a life line for your business. These loans are at low interest rates and with a comfortable term so that it does not burden your existing position. We provide complete end to end solution and assistance from identifying the working capital gap, preparing documentation, locating the ideal source and disbursement of funds.

Unlike other companies engaged in providing working capital loans, we work with you as a partner in not just securing the working capital loan but also in structuring the same for easy repayment. We even provide assistance to you after the disbursement so that the loan does not become NPA or non-performing asset. We provide customized solutions as per your requirements and our experts take care of even the finest points to provide you the perfect solution. In case of any query feel free to schedule a meeting with our experts by filling up the enquiry form.

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