Working Capital Limits

In today’s date it is neither advisable nor feasible to operate a business with the funds that are available in the current account of the company. Any and every business is confronted with a short term requirement for funds which is in excess of the funds available with the organization. This short term fund requirement can be met with the working capital limit of the company, which helps it tide over the crunch without having to secure a loan. These limits enable your company to draw funds instantaneously which can be repaid at any given point of time.

We assist you in securing these working capital limits and create a source of funds for your organization to help you in need. VSAPL has the right people who assess and advise you on the limits required by you, and then help out in securing these limits for your company. Our team provides you complete support irrespective of whether your business is small or big or the nature of your business.

In addition to providing assistance in setting up limits for your company we maintain a long term relationship with you, and help you in increasing the working capital limits as your business grows. Moreover, we can also support you in shifting your limits from one particular bank to another or setting up quasi limits or additional limits from another bank. Our experts ensure that you get the limits that your organization requires and not what the bank desires, at the lowest possible interest rate, so that these limits are actually beneficial for the growth of your business. We would be happy to assist you in your requirements and you can reach out to us anytime through our contact details.

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