Term Loan

The loans taken by companies on a fixed interest basis for a specific time period are known as term loans. These loans are repaid by the borrower on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the terms settled between the borrower and the lender. These are one of the basic form of loans made available by banks and other lending institutions. These loans are categorized into short term and long term, with the latter generally being more than 3 years and the former being less than that. The tenure is decided on various factors including the credentials of the borrower, the objective of term loan, amount of loan and various others.

We at VSAPL assist you in getting approval for the term loan for your company. Our team helps you out in preparing the documents and submitting the same to the financial institutions. We then provide support to you in getting the approval and the amount disbursed. Experts at VSAPL ensure that the loan is approved with the best terms wherein the interest rate is low and the amount is according to your requirement. Additionally, our professionals can advise you on the appropriate tenure for the loan so that you can repay the amount without much difficulty or straining your financial conditions.

Term loans are different from working capital loans as the latter are not used for purchasing long term assets or investments by the company. VSAPL can help in securing both and can advise you according to your requirements. We at VSAPL are always ready to help you and you can reach out to us for assistance at any point by submitting your details on contact us or requesting for a call back.

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