Project Loan / Financing

Financing of large capital intensive projects, which have a long repayment period is termed as Project Financing. This type of financing is done for projects which require considerable amount of capital and the repayment is generally done through the cash-flow generated by the project. Project loans are provided for long term infrastructure projects including transportation, energy, construction and various other sectors. These loans are approved by the lender on the merit of the project and the creditworthiness of the borrower, alongwith their experience. The financing can also be done for existing installations where enhancements or additions might be required, besides that for new projects.

VSAPL has the required expertise in securing project finance for your projects. We provide complete support from the initial stages of preparing project reports and other documentation to submitting the proposal to lenders and then resolving issues associated with the same to ensure approval and disbursement for the project loan. Our team is highly skilled in the segment with members having worked with financial organizations such as ICICI Bank, Citi Bank, GE Financial, Punjab National Bank and various other lending institutions. This enables our team to utilize their knowledge and proficiency in securing the right amount of loan at the appropriate terms.

We handhold your project loan requirement from the beginning till the disbursement stage to ascertain that the project is not held up due to finances. Our team utilizes various financial tools to analyze the project beforehand so that there is no rejection or condition put in by the lender. Moreover we ensure that the terms of project including the tenure and interest rate are suitable, so that the project viability is not lost.

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