Construction Equipment Loans

Lending organizations offer various financing options for the purchase of construction equipment. Banks as well as Non-Banking financial organizations offer the construction equipment loans to individuals, SME, and corporate houses as well. The focus on infrastructure sector by the government has created considerable scope for the construction industry, resulting in the demand for construction equipments. As these equipments are capital intensive and the lenders offer various attractive financing options, so taking finance on construction equipments is a more suitable option rather than outright purchase. In addition refinance and second hand finance options are also available to the buyers for these equipments.

VSAPL specializes in the construction equipment finance segment, having tie-up with certain key lenders including banks and NBFCs. Certain members of core team of VSAPL have experience of around a decade in the construction equipment industry and can help you in not just getting loan for construction equipments, but they can also suggest you various options for the product and assist you in securing the best deal from manufacturers as well.

Our team will provide you assistance in submission of documents, getting the proposal cleared through credit department and disbursement of the amount. We can even help you out in restructuring of the loan or transfer of the loan to another lender. The documentation requirement varies from on the basis of product, customer type, application and other elements, which are aware of and advise you accordingly. Our team has complete knowhow of the segment and can assist you in securing best deal with low rate of interest and reasonable tenure. We would be happy to help you in any of your requirements and you can reach out to us through the contact details or leave a note for call back.

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