Loan on Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Loan helps to borrow, or purchase vehicles like buses, trucks, tippers, light commercial vehicles. Depending upon the agreement and nature of repayment aptitude, the term of commercial loans varies from 12 to 60 months.

With more than two years of business experience, the companies can pertain for commercial loans. The customer should have at least two commercial vehicles prior to apply for the loan.

At, our experts understand the needs of our customers. We have a detailed loan assessment and documentation criteria before a loan giving decision is taken.

Plz. take a look on some of the facts, on which commercial vehicle loan is given by our company.

1. We fund commercial loan for all types of commercial vehicles whether light or heavy, for example: tippers, trucks, buses, etc.

2. We have a hassle-free loan sanction system, for new vehicles also, as well as working capital loans to keep your business going.

3. We also fund on used vehicles, top up on existing loans. With simple documentation process, you can have a quick turn-around time and simple Preferred Financier Status.

4. We embrace a preferred financier’s status with some of the leading manufacturers who will further make your vehicle buying process easier.

5. Our experts will reach you easily through number of locations throughout the country. So, your location will not make much of difference, now getting a commercial vehicle loan from is quite easy.

The Benefits you can avail from us

• Bespoke EMI structure to go with your business needs.
• Easy documentation and fast processing.
• Up to 100% Finance of asset cost.
• Up to 48 months tenure for loan.

The Rate of interest

Factors like customer profiles and location are considered for the rate of interest. A commercial vehicle loan can be taken for a number of commercial vehicles, which may be used at number of locations. The loan is pertinent to customers with varied profiles.

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