Is filing TDS return Easy?

TDS or Tax Deducted at Source was actually introduced so as to smooth the progress of the Tax payment while getting the profits and moreover it follows the perception of ‘Pay as you Earn’. It is one of the ways of accumulating the taxes from the public by the department. E-filing of tax return is a very easy job, or rather to make it more clear just a 15-minutes job. In addition to this, it is undeniably easier than getting hold of a tax consultant and then negotiating for the correct price and waiting continuously for him or her to perform the job at his or her whim.

Steps of filing TDS Return

There are few simple steps that an individual needs to undergo for filing TDS return:

Step 1: To begin with, you need to go to the site of directorate income tax and then register yourself right away. The moment you register yourself, you require filling your PAN card details along with other details so as to get your login Id as well as password.

Step 2: After the registration is done you need to first log out and then again log in with your PAN number as the user ID and fresh password that has been set by you. Then click on the e-filing A.Y. 2012-13 appearing on the left hand side and then download the form for HUF (Hindu undivided family), INDIVIDUAL.

Step3: This form is available in ZIP file. Then in the excel file enable macros so as to finish the process. After filling the details such as name, city, address, pin codes, etc in the excel sheet you need to also insert the details of you earnings, funds and the amount of tax paid in Form No 16 according to the instructions. If your details are accurate then it will show ok.

Step 4: After this you need to switch over to next TDS sheet. You need to fill in the required details for Form No 23 provided your income is coming from salary, or else fill From No 24. Frill the details like income under salaries, tax payable, tax deducted and deductions via Chapter VI-A. Then, click on the VALIDATE button to check the correctness.

Step 5: The next sheet is of the taxes paid as well as verification. The details filled by you are shown in RED color. Then, again click on VALIDATE and if all three sheets show OK, then you can create an XML file. Once the file is saved go to the website and log in again. On the left hand side, just click on ‘Submit Return’ with 2012-13 as A.Y. At last upload the created XML file to the website. This is how your filing is completed. Then at the end, acknowledgement is sent to the mail ID of yours and it is again in ZIP file.

This is the manner in which TDS filing is actually undertaken. It is a very simple and easy task and hardly takes around 15 minutes; provided the person is tech-savvy.

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