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VSAPL is a team of professionals bound by strong ethics. Our team is made up of executives with a rich experience in different financial sectors and industries. An experience of 12 years in the industry ensures that we are well acquainted with the diverse requirements of different clients in the financial world. Our experience in the different industries is an added advantage for you, as we can understand your requirement in a much better way, enabling us not only to fulfil the same, but also we can advise you on the right approach and alternative to satisfy your financial objectives. Our core team is made up of –

Vinay Sachdeva – An ex-banker with an experience of more than 25 years with a nationalized bank at a senior position, he is the founder of the organization. He is the guiding light for the complete team, and his experience in the loans segment gives VSAPL the required edge.

Vikram Mehtani – Chartered Accountant by profession, he provides strategic direction to the team. Experience of 15 years with MNC’s enables VSAPL to guide clients on complex financial matters with ease.

Anuj Arora – An expert with experience of working with some of the famous financial giants such as ICICI Bank, GE Capital in the loans department. He has a 360 degree experience in the financial sector including sales, credit and collection of the loans to both retail and corporate clients.

Puneet Chadha – Financial wizard of the company, he holds a masters degree from XLRI. He has experience of working with top notch organizations like Citicorp, GE, and ICICI Bank. He enjoys strong relationship with some of the biggest names in the construction industry.

Ankit Sachdeva – With a master’s in Finance from ICFAI Business School, he is the financial analyst of the company. Experience of working in the financial capital of India, gives VSAPL an edge in understanding the requirement of the clients.

VSAPL has a credible experience of securing loans and limits for different nature of clients and industries. Our professional approach would help you to accomplish your requirement with ease. Additionally we have been filing returns for banks, educational institutions, corporate, firms and individual clients. The varied nature of experience makes VSAPL an ideal partner for the clients irrespective of their size or their need.

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