Keep up with Tax Rules and Stay Safe

We all crib about having to pay taxes and how we feel like so much of our income goes off in taxes, but we still know that we are better of having paid the taxes, instead of the looming danger of getting caught and getting prosecuted!

For really being inclined towards paying taxes it is important to realize that the taxes are used for a general good, for the well-being of the people and the up keep of public infrastructure, which means that we reap what we sow, if everyone manages to file taxes honestly, we are in for greater good and vice versa.

When you take up the responsibility of making your tax payments on time, it is also your right to know what taxes you need to pay and what legal aspects help you in saving taxes. You may not know where to find all the right information, which is why the application of a few simple practices will help you know better.

Read those pink newspapers! As tedious and unexciting as it may sound, read the newspapers that are exclusively dedicated to the economic situation and updates of the country. There are also those saviors in the form of informative and colorful journals and magazines that serve the same purpose as the newspapers.

Keep track of the economic news and announcements. Having an app on the phone that gives you regular economic news updates helps. Discussing the updates over coffee at office might just win you some white collar brownie points.

When it comes to the actual filing, trust an expert in the field. Catch hold of those who are in the business and who can help you get around the formalities with ease and expertise.

Finally experience is the greatest teacher and who knows, a few years down the line, you may have a thing or two to teach the newbies.

Loan on Commercial Vehicle

Commercial Vehicle Loan helps to borrow, or purchase vehicles like buses, trucks, tippers, light commercial vehicles. Depending upon the agreement and nature of repayment aptitude, the term of commercial loans varies from 12 to 60 months.

With more than two years of business experience, the companies can pertain for commercial loans. The customer should have at least two commercial vehicles prior to apply for the loan.

At, our experts understand the needs of our customers. We have a detailed loan assessment and documentation criteria before a loan giving decision is taken.

Plz. take a look on some of the facts, on which commercial vehicle loan is given by our company.

1. We fund commercial loan for all types of commercial vehicles whether light or heavy, for example: tippers, trucks, buses, etc.

2. We have a hassle-free loan sanction system, for new vehicles also, as well as working capital loans to keep your business going.

3. We also fund on used vehicles, top up on existing loans. With simple documentation process, you can have a quick turn-around time and simple Preferred Financier Status.

4. We embrace a preferred financier’s status with some of the leading manufacturers who will further make your vehicle buying process easier.

5. Our experts will reach you easily through number of locations throughout the country. So, your location will not make much of difference, now getting a commercial vehicle loan from is quite easy.

The Benefits you can avail from us

• Bespoke EMI structure to go with your business needs.
• Easy documentation and fast processing.
• Up to 100% Finance of asset cost.
• Up to 48 months tenure for loan.

The Rate of interest

Factors like customer profiles and location are considered for the rate of interest. A commercial vehicle loan can be taken for a number of commercial vehicles, which may be used at number of locations. The loan is pertinent to customers with varied profiles.

Different Kinds of Loans

There are various kinds of loans available today. Before borrowing money, you need to have a basic idea about what kind of loan do you require. The different loans include open-ended and closed-ended loans, secured and unsecured loans, conventional loans, etc.

In the case of open-ended loans, you are able to borrow money on a continuous basis. Credit card is an example for an open-ended loan. There is a credit limit provided for these loans with which you can make the purchase. As you buy something, the credit decreases and gradually increases as you make the payment. This allows you to use this credit repeatedly. In closed-ended loans, you cannot borrow money again once you repay them. As soon as the payment is made, the balance reduces. Anyhow, there is no available credit for a closed-ended loan. Instead, you would have to take another loan if you need more money. Also, make sure to check each document carefully before any submission. Some examples of closed-ended loans are auto loans, student loans, mortgage loans, etc.

In secured loans, you would have to show an asset in the name of collateral security for getting the loan. If you do not make timely repayment, the lender has the right to take hold of the asset and utilize the same towards loan repayment. The rates of interest of these loans are basically lower than that of unsecured loans. You need to appraise the asset before taking a secured loan. Unsecured loans do not demand collateral security. It is quite difficult to get this type of loan, and also, the interest rates are quite high. These loans rely greatly on the credit history as well as the income of the customer. If a default is made on the loan, the lender would either have to file a lawsuit or look for other collection options. Another kind of loan is the conventional loan which is not insured by the government agencies.

To summarize, you should be informative about different loans in order to move about in this world.

Key points to keep in mind while taking home loan

For a common man, buying a home is in itself a tough task and the amount required for this purpose is higher and it can only be possible to meet this amount by taking a home loan. You should keep in mind the following important points before taking a home loan:

  • It is better to check your limitations. You know how much money you have saved, your present earnings and you must have an idea of how much you can earn in the future.
  • Remember one thing once you go to any bank for a home loan there is an interest rate attached with the home loan and you have to pay the EMIs which will consist of the loan amount plus the interest also to the bank. Get enough knowledge about interest rates of home loans before applying for it.
  • You can help a lot to yourself if you don’t do over spending and avoid buying those things which are just for luxury purposes. If you save your money then it’ll help in repaying your loan amount.
  • The tenure of paying the home loan amount with interest is somewhere a longer period and it can be of two decades also. Keep this in mind and prepare yourself for paying the loan amount tenure.
  • Read the documents of the loan agreement carefully and you must clear your doubts if you have any with the concerned bank. Getting a clear picture about the home loan agreement will help a lot.


Is filing TDS return Easy?

TDS or Tax Deducted at Source was actually introduced so as to smooth the progress of the Tax payment while getting the profits and moreover it follows the perception of ‘Pay as you Earn’. It is one of the ways of accumulating the taxes from the public by the department. E-filing of tax return is a very easy job, or rather to make it more clear just a 15-minutes job. In addition to this, it is undeniably easier than getting hold of a tax consultant and then negotiating for the correct price and waiting continuously for him or her to perform the job at his or her whim.

Steps of filing TDS Return

There are few simple steps that an individual needs to undergo for filing TDS return:

Step 1: To begin with, you need to go to the site of directorate income tax and then register yourself right away. The moment you register yourself, you require filling your PAN card details along with other details so as to get your login Id as well as password.

Step 2: After the registration is done you need to first log out and then again log in with your PAN number as the user ID and fresh password that has been set by you. Then click on the e-filing A.Y. 2012-13 appearing on the left hand side and then download the form for HUF (Hindu undivided family), INDIVIDUAL.

Step3: This form is available in ZIP file. Then in the excel file enable macros so as to finish the process. After filling the details such as name, city, address, pin codes, etc in the excel sheet you need to also insert the details of you earnings, funds and the amount of tax paid in Form No 16 according to the instructions. If your details are accurate then it will show ok.

Step 4: After this you need to switch over to next TDS sheet. You need to fill in the required details for Form No 23 provided your income is coming from salary, or else fill From No 24. Frill the details like income under salaries, tax payable, tax deducted and deductions via Chapter VI-A. Then, click on the VALIDATE button to check the correctness.

Step 5: The next sheet is of the taxes paid as well as verification. The details filled by you are shown in RED color. Then, again click on VALIDATE and if all three sheets show OK, then you can create an XML file. Once the file is saved go to the website and log in again. On the left hand side, just click on ‘Submit Return’ with 2012-13 as A.Y. At last upload the created XML file to the website. This is how your filing is completed. Then at the end, acknowledgement is sent to the mail ID of yours and it is again in ZIP file.

This is the manner in which TDS filing is actually undertaken. It is a very simple and easy task and hardly takes around 15 minutes; provided the person is tech-savvy.